A Note on the Mazda Sport RX9

Mazda sports cars are designed for speed and they are the fastest automobiles on the road. Some sports cars can reach speeds of well over 200 miles per hour. That type of speed is impractical on city streets or national highways. Owners who have cars that can move this fast must take their vehicles to special driving courses or race tracks to push them to their limits.
Apart from Mazda the elite brand of sports cars include Jaguar, Porch, Lamborghini, Ferrari and the Corvette. Other high quality sports cars include McLaren, the Lotus Elise and the Mercedes AMG. A newcomer to the market is the Accura NSX. This sports car is expected to be a stiff competitor in its class.

Traditional sports cars are extremely expensive when compared to other automobiles. Many cost well over the $100,000 and a few have a price tag that is close to 1 million dollars. Sports cars are typically purchased by the elite members of society simply because they are the ones who can usually afford to purchase these luxury automobiles.
Keep in mind that owning a sports car comes with extra expenses and hidden costs. Ferrari owners typically pay close to $10,000 a year just to insure their vehicles. People can also deposit a bond at the BMV instead of using insurance. When a sports car breaks down an owner must take it to special repair shop and not just any old garage or mechanic. Parts and labor on sports cars are more expensive than on common automobiles.
Owning a sports car might get a person noticed out in public and it will definitely give them status but they will also become a high target for thieves, con games and fraud. There are many car thieves who will try to steal a high end sports car because they can get the most money from them on the black market. A high end sports car also makes a person a target for specific con games where an individual tries to exploit a sports car owner for their money and status.
Fast cars are the best to own and an owner can really enjoy them while they ride around. However, owning a sports car is a big responsibility that a person must be able to deal with financially and socially. If you are fortunate to get a sports car enjoy your ride but make sure that you drive it responsibly and are able to maintain what we hope will be a Mazda vehicle.